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Your monthly dose of gaming nostalgia and modern gaming. Frank, Victor and Wil take you down memory lane back when video games didn't have 5 minute intros. We also discuss retro Pop culture, TV shows, Movies and a bit of modern gaming. We're hilarious & Irreverent . Why haven't you tried an episode yet?

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RetroFungeon Podcast 019: Early Internet and WTF EB games?


RetroFungeon Podcast 019: Early Internet and WTF EB games?

For our grand finale of 2018 we discuss the early days of the internet. All the way from Gopher to AOL to Netscape. From 56K FLEX to DSL/Cable internet. In the process Frank can't tell the difference between an ad and eCommerce, horrible things done in chat rooms, guest books (aka the public bathroom wall), catfishing, resisting the future, Napster and much more. We also discuss the walk of death of EB Games/Gamestop. The doomsday clock is ticking!



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