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Your monthly dose of gaming nostalgia and modern gaming. Frank, Victor and Wil take you down memory lane back when video games didn't have 5 minute intros. We also discuss retro Pop culture, TV shows, Movies and a bit of modern gaming. We're hilarious & Irreverent . Why haven't you tried an episode yet?

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RetroFungeon Podcast 025: FanExpo 2019 aka "The Forced Throuple"


RetroFungeon Podcast 025:  FanExpo 2019 aka "The Forced Throuple"

-We all spent money
-Q&A'less Thursday and Friday (Cause Rain Wilson quit)
-The Peter Weller Q&A turns into a lecture.
-Forced Throuple Gears of War 5 demo
-Control Demo
-Microsoft Mixer demo we didn't pay attention to
-Ralph's Cosplay recap spoiler: less cosplay :(
-The Boys Q&A, Brendan Frasier.
-FF7 remake- fuck your NDAs
-pPying for lanyards?!
-Victor's ridiculous demands for a deluxe pass.
-PS mini raid
-EB games booth & Merch tables.
-Kim's Convenience Astroboy crossover?
And much more



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